Black Cats – Yeki bood yeki nabood – Video, Lyrics and translation

By | 24/05/2009

The new Iranian Black Cats band founded by Shahbal Shabpareh has released it’s latest album called Dimbology on 16th April  2009.

More on Black Cats (From Wikipedia) : … The band play a traditional upbeat style of Persian pop music, but are also known to bring in Jazz, R&B, Hip-Hop, Rave and Rapcore influences into their music as well…. The most famous and successful members were Pyruz and David (1992- 1999)… In 2008, Shahbol recruited new members for the band, “Sami” and “Eddie” and recorded an album called “Dimbology”.

… Discography:

  • 1992: Pool
  • 1994: Fever
  • 1995: Dance Mix
  • 1996: Spell of The Cats
  • 1999: Cinderella
  • 2003: The Popfather
  • 2006: Scream Of The Cats
  • 2009: Dimbology

[HD] Video Music:

Here’s the latest video music by Black Cats,  “Yeki bood yeki nabood” (There was a time…)

If you like the music, you can buy the whole album at a very impressive price on Caltex Records Online Store.

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“Black Cats – Yeki bood yeki nabood” Lyrics and Translation:

Are Manam, Are Manam, Are Manam Dooset Daram

(Yes me too, Yes me too, yes I love you too)

Yeki Bood Yeki Nabood Ta Shoro Shod Ghessamon, Midoonestam Ke Taki Mese Mahe Asemoon

(There was a time that our story began, I knew you were unique like the moon of the sky)

Midoonestam To Azizam Ghadre Eshgho Midooni

(I knew that you, my dear, know the value of love)

Midoonestam To Hamooni Ke Hamishe Mimooni

(I knew that you are the one who will always stay)


Are Manam Dooset Daram Mahale Tanhat Bezaram

(Yes me too I love you, impossible to leave you)

To Vasleye Joone Mani Manam Faghat Toro Daram

(You’re a part of me and I got only you)


Gheyre Doos Dashtane To Dige Chizi Nadaram

(Apart loving you, I’ve nothing else to do)

Hame Omramam Toi o Bi To Man Kam Miaram

(You’re all my life and without you I won’t be fit)

Mahe Man Vase Man Az To Behtar Kasi Nist

(My moon, there’s noone better than you for me)

Bia Too Ketabe Eshgh Fasli Taze Benevis

(Come and start a new chapter in the book of love)

Begoo Manam Dooset Daram; Mahale Tanhat Bezaram

(Say “Me too, I love you, Impossible to leave you”)

To Vasleye Joone Mani, Manam Faghat Toro Daram

(You’re a part of me, and I’ve got only you)


Tak Take Sanieham Ba To Royayi Mishe

(All my moments are beautiful dreams with you)

Too Sokoote Lahzeham Bebin Che Ghoghayi Mishe

(In my moments of silence, see the disasters)

Rooye Cheshmam Ja Dari Age Mennat Bezari

(I’ll put you on my eyes if you’d honor me)

Mano Az Khodet Bedoonio Begi Doosam Dari

(to take me as your dear and tell me that you love me)


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    1. afg

      black cats harf nadara in ahnagi zebait………………………u rock .

  1. Lamba

    i absolutely love this song. i love the black cats. they are my favorite band in the world and im afghan haha

  2. Nazgol

    Afareen che ahange ghashangh
    new black cats kheili khoob hastan =)

  3. uk

    hi! lolz so i was introduced to the Black Cats by a great friend and am now ADDICTED to the Black Cats…and…i’m Indian @=D

    1. Asad

      ahang yeki bood yeki nabood bahale (aka this song rocks!)

  4. Ausi

    love black cats.. got these songs frm ma frnd…
    im a sri lankan

  5. Mohammad

    Awesome song and superb translation! I was sitting with my Serbian girlfriend listening to the song, I was singing the song to her and she was so impressed by the translation!


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