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HTC HD2 broken screen

Last Sunday, just in front of my car, my few months old HTC HD2, fell, bounced and hit the ground by its face and the digitizer (the glass on the screen, not the LED display) broke!
That’s very unlucky, but sh*t happens! I’m writing this post to first of all let you know how great is the… Read More »

Quel opérateur téléphonique ne pas choisir?

La hausse de TVA chez votre opérateur vous a permis de résilier votre contrat mobile? Vous voulez prendre votre premier forfait téléphonique chez un opérateur? Votre abonnement viens d’être fini, et vous chercher à renouveler ou à changer d’opérateur?

Sur beaucoup de sites on vous conseil quel opérateur téléphonique choisir, mais ici je vous dirais le(s)… Read More »

HTC Desire HD vs. HTC HD2 Photos

Here are some photos of the HTC Desire HD. It has released to the market, here in France, on 2 Novembre 2010.
You can see that the HTC Desire HD is a bit bigger than the HTC HD2, and a bit thicker too! The screen it really fantastic! Great resolution and a real HD. It… Read More »

Apple iPad Review

After all those rumors on iSlate, iTab, etc, at last the Apple’s tablet official information came out. iPad is the real name! After a tour on Apple’s website, comes few points:

iPad Advantages?
iPad seems to be the next best thing after iPhone, but compared to iPhone,

it’s got a bigger screen,
great touch-screen technology,
faster processor,
more storage space,
ambient light… Read More »