Download Windows XP SP3 Build 3311.

By | 02/03/2008

Download Windows XP SP3 Build 3311

Now You can Download Windows XP SP3 directly from Microsoft!!

That is a standalone service pack 3 update, and is not the whole Windows XP operating system.

I personally do not recommend slipstreaming the service pack, because of few version conflicts on ms dll files.

So just download and install the Service Pack 3 of Windows XP on your system before anyone else!

PLEASE Read throught the article before downloading…

The download link is  at the end of the article

This Blog is written in two languages. / Ce blog est en deux langues.


On 19th of February, Microsoft released a new Release Candidate of its Service Pack 3 for Windows XP

The exact version is Windows XP Service Pack 3, Release Candidate 2 Build 3311

This new service pack provides

-10% increase in performance

-Network Access Protection (taken from Vista)

-Black Hole Router Detection

and a lot of updates and hotfixes which came after the SP2 till date.

The download size is about 315MB.

Microsoft put the public release date in the first half of 2008.

Be aware that SP3 is still in beta version, so think twice before updating.


Le 19 février, Microsoft a sorti une nouvelle Release Candidate de son Service Pack 3 pour Windows XP, privé pour ses beta testeurs.
La version exacte est Windows XP Service Pack 3 Release Candidate 2 Build 3311.
Ce nouveau service pack fournit:
– 10% D’augmentation des performances
– Network Access Protection (extrait de Vista)
– La détection de trou noir de routeur
et plein d’autres choses
Et beaucoup de mises à jour et les correctifs qui sont venus après le SP2 jusqu’à ce jour.
Le téléchargement devrait être presque 315Mo.

Microsoft le metra en public dans la première moitié de 2008.

Soyez conscient que SP3 est encore en version bêta, donc réfléchissez bien avant de proceder à la mise à jour. 


DOWNLOAD SP 3:  (All directly from

Windows XP SP3 Build 3311 (ENGLISH) : Download 

Windows XP SP3 Build 3311 (German) : Download

Windows XP SP3 Build 3311 (Japanese) : Download

Script to be able to get SP3 through Windows Update : Download

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