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By | 26/06/2008

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I’ve decided to propose free blog / Website reviews till 30 days starting from now.
So if you want to get a kickstart for you blog and take a useful step towards success, do not hesitate! Just join the crowd!

Well, we’re gonna set some rules:

  1.  On your blog, you write a blog / website review about,
  2.  When published you confirm the URL to me, and I start writing a review about your blog/website.
  3.  Reviews are to be real and all aspects to be talked about, good as well as bad ones.
  4. DO NOT DELETE reviews unless you confirm with the other party.
  5. Provide useful and constructive information as well as useful and clear links.

If you want a blog review AND a link in the links section of Gibni (which is usually on the main page and all pages), Just write two reviews about with at least 4 days delay between both.

You can also order a blog review for your blog and pay through Paypal, but this month, there’s nothing to pay, from the next month, I’ll let you know how will work Review exchanges!

Just contact me and provide your name, URL, and the URL to the review you wrote about

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