Garmin Mobile XT on Nokia E71 and N95 (Internal GPS supported)

By | 07/04/2009

Garmin Inc. provides very useful and interesting GPS solutions. Garmin Mobile XT is a software which is designed for mobile phones and provides GPS navigation on the go!

Basically, you should buy a Garmin GPS Reciever and the software provided together to use Garmin products.

On the Nokia E71 and ( N95 8GB ) you can install the Garmin Mobile XT (version 5.00.40 as of today) and use the internal GPS and/or the A-GPS intergrated on the Nokia Phones.

STEP ONE: First thing to do is to get Garmin Mobile XT software for your device. Go to Garmin Mobile XT website, and download the right version for your phone.

Once you downloaded the installation files, connect your phone on the USB DATA TRANSFER mode and run the downloaded file. The installation program will ask you where you want to install Garmin Mobile XT? Just choose the right drive (your phone) and click on “Install”.

STEP TWO: Get the Support files (from the bottom of the same page ) and install them in the same way on your phone.

STEP TREE: Get the map you need and copy the map IMG file in your phone’s memory card, inside the “Garmin” directory.

On the next page(s) we’ll see how to activate the internal GPS support for Garmin on your mobile phone…

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42 thoughts on “Garmin Mobile XT on Nokia E71 and N95 (Internal GPS supported)

  1. pera

    dva N95 telefona sam skoro uspesno instalirao,
    mozda mogu da pomognem …
    koliko sam shavatio sve si ok uradila, ali moras duze da sacekas na signal pod otvorenim nebom, i vise od 15min.

  2. AV

    Can you direct me to where I can get maps (not through Garmin)?


  3. Eb

    Does anyone know how to get maps for the Mobile XT. I have installed it on my E71

  4. kumar


    I have Nokia E61i. I have installed Garmin GPS app. My device does not have In-built gps, but it shows ‘Netwrok based’ gps in options. So, Does this garmon XT work with E61i?

  5. Ramesh

    i cannot download garmin for e71 can anyone give me the link …

    1. adib

      hey dud.
      i found a ******* file that contain all the needed program and it is for free!!
      go to www.***********.org and search garmin mobile and download the ******* file.
      you will need the ********** program or any equivalent program to download any *******.
      good luck.
      ********COMMENT EDITED BY ADMIN**********

  6. PAUL

    i tried the above but no luck still cant get the gps going but i do have nokia n86 please help me

  7. Daniel

    ive got this all ready and runnnng. just need to download map image.
    atm moment its saying ready to navigate but i need the map image lol.
    where can i find one for free for australia

  8. Haris

    Thanx for the help but i am unable to load map on garmin on my E71 i have followed all the steps which u have mentioned above n everything was don without any problem but problem is occurring that it doesnt load maps on my phone even though i downloaded maps from http://***[removed by admin]*** and copied .img file into e:\garmin\ but it is still not working please help me wat to do?

  9. Geo

    where to get free maps for Garmin Mobile XT “for israel”???

  10. Berry

    Has anyone tried using this phone in an EDGE data network area, if so, how was the speed of the browser on it, and if you also tried streaming video with, how was it with doing that? The reason I want to know is, I’m not in a AT&T 3g area, just EDGE. I’m trying to hold off to see if they will release a similar phone, but on Verizon’s CDMA network, since I believe Verizon has 3g in my area, but this phone just keeps tempting me with each positive review I read about it.

  11. Shahab

    I tried to install Gramin on my Nokia N 97 it said ‘the softwere is not competable with your phone’. is there a Gramin version with N97 compatibility? & how to install the support & base files? the phone n97 can not run exe files
    thanks in advance for any help

  12. hamza

    dude i have e65 how do i get garmin 2012 on it i am confused


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