Optimize JA T3 Framework on your Joomla website

By | 15/08/2012

After a long long time, I’m back again ūüėÄ

I’m give you a little trick to speed up your Joomla website and optimize its loading time.

If you are using the JoomlArt.com’s JA T3 Framework, which is really great, you might experience slow joomla website and long wainting times until something shows up!

Pages being slow are a pain for the visitors and might make them go away from your website.

I found out that if you enable the CSS and JS¬†optimise¬†options from your template’s settings page, the requests made to the¬†optimised¬†CSS and JS files are redirected multiple times which causes serious performance issues and slows down your pages! Strange huh??


That is because of a bug in the JAT3 base system plugin. Here is the fix:

Open the file:

Replace the “buildURL” function (from line 814 until 835) with the following:



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2 thoughts on “Optimize JA T3 Framework on your Joomla website

  1. Marcin

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the file you specified. Maybe it’s because I’m on jat3 v3. It’s a shame, becuase there is something going on with this framweork that makes it difficult to set up right.

  2. RTS

    Hello, at first thank you for modified head.php. I have the latest, JA T3v2 (2.6.8) version, and not working with this code. When I try to load my website, comes an error message: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘>’ in /JOOMLA_ROOT/plugins/system/jat3/jat3/core/head.php on line 828. My actual T3v2 version’s code is: public static function buildURL($url)
    if (JPluginHelper::isEnabled(‘system’, ‘languagefilter’)) {
    $lang_codes = JLanguageHelper::getLanguages(‘lang_code’);
    $default_lang = JComponentHelper::getParams(‘com_languages’)->get(‘site’, ‘en-GB’);
    $default_sef = $lang_codes[$default_lang]->sef;
    $app = JFactory::getApplication();
    $router = $app->getRouter();
    if ($router->getMode() == JROUTER_MODE_SEF) {
    if ($app->getCfg(‘sef_rewrite’)) {
    $url = JURI::base(true) . “/en/?$url”;
    } else {
    $url = JURI::base(true) . “/index.php/en/?$url”;
    } else {
    $url = JURI::base(true) . “/index.php?lang=$default_sef&$url”;
    } else {
    $url = JURI::base(true) . “/index.php?$url”;
    return $url;

    Can you show me some solutions about it? Can you rewrite this to make useable and optimized?

    Thank you very much


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