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By | 13/07/2008

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Dr. Masoud Moradi, University Professor of History, in Iran, a dear visitor of Gibni; recently contacted me and asked for a Post-On-Demand. He got two pictures from a very ancient stone engraving near his birth town, Birjand in Iran. After researches he made, the drawing dates from the Achaemenid Empire (550 BC–330 BC) period in Ancient persia.

Ancient Persia History - Birjand - Parthis Fighter Against Lion - Photo 01 Ancient Persia History - Birjand - Parthis Fighter Against Lion - Photo 02

In the photo you can see a man struggling with a lion and on the top, there are some writings that are not yet decoded by today’s specialists.

The Title of this engraving is: “Parthi’s fighter against lion”. Parthi is the name of a Persian Ethnic.

More about Parthians (by Dr. M. Moradi): they are an Arian group who fight against Soloukid,  their dynasty expanded in Iranian plateau for more than four hundred years.

Here are some links he provided me, to get more information, just follow these links:

Unfortunately, we see that there’re unrespectable people who wrote their initials on this historical monument which is a great piece of ancient history and belongs to the history of our world!

I’m really happy and excited to get the opportunity to put this photos on Gibni, as it seems to be a discovery which is published exclusively on GIBNI.COM!!!

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