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By | 22/04/2010

Improve your SEO and increase Pageviews

There’s a great plugin for the WordPress platform, called SEO Super Comments, which creates a single “virtual” page for each comment on your site. It increases the number of pages you have on the site, and improves your SEO a lot. Read more on SEO Super Comments on the authors page: SEO Super Comments by Vladimir Prelovac .

“The concept relies around optimizing the target page using title and H1 tag using the context of the comment. So basically we will take the excerpt of the comment and use it to create the page title and H1 tag and in the body we will hold the content of the comment…” says Vladimir.




Download modded Google XML Sitemap Generator 3.2.3

I created a modded version of XML Sitemap Generator 3.2.3 to work with SEO Super Comments which puts all your comments pages in the sitemap, and once submitted to Google, you should see a huge raise in your traffic.


To install, you should replace the downloaded sitemap-ui.php and sitemap-core.php in your Google XML Sitemap Generator Plugin’s directory and overwrite the original files. I would recommend you back up your original files.

Once installed, Go to your administration panel, and to the XML Sitemap Generator settings, and check the ‘Include Comment Pages’ option, click ‘Update Options’ at the bottom, and “Rebuild Your Sitemap”

I personnaly recommend this plugin and would thank the developper for it.

Please send your comments and queries here if you have any issues regarding my modded version of Google XML Sitemap Generator for WordPress.


Please go to the Donations Page  and contribute to the developpment of more updated plugins if this modded version helped you increasing your traffic.

8 thoughts on “SEO Super Comments – Update

  1. Kieran

    Great looking plugin, but you sitemap-core.php seems to stop at line 1696.

    1. Gi Post author

      @Keiran: Woaw! Thanks for Pointing that out. A file transfer corruption made this happen. I corrected it and now (28/APR/2010 21:22 GMT+1) the code is complete, and should be running fine.
      Great users make great websites.

  2. Rory

    Hi Gi,

    thanks for the mod, installed it and all the options look fine.

    But when I rebuild the sitemap I don’t see any of the comments pages?

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance,

      1. Rory

        Hi Gi,

        Thanks for the effort but weirdly still not working for me after uploading the new files.

        I do have the “Include comment pages (SEO Super Comments – updated by Amir from ” checked just no new entries in sitemap.xml?


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  4. ezramod

    Hy i have a problem i have this link: mydomain/diverse/alex-poze-secret-discret-cool.html?cid=3121 amd the appear Nothing found for Diverse Alex-poze-secret-discret-cool ?cid=3121, and for a new theme now i have the link like this:
    how to resolve my problem for the plugin work normaly ?

  5. All Flowers

    This article is great. I would need install more SEO plugin for my WordPress site then.

    The information is really helpful. Thanks & appreciate.
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