Stuck for 1.5 Euros.

By | 20/07/2008

Blogging from Luxembourg railway station. Earlier this morning, I took the train towards Luxembourg, my destination is Liège, in Belgium. I arrived here at 8.45 and the next train to Liège was within 15 minutes, i went to the sales office and asked for a ticket, but when trying to pay, my “French” credit card got rejected, all the money I had, was 15.50 euros and the ticket cost 17! I went to an ATM, but the bloody card wasn’t working at all. I tried to ask people for the 2 euros I needed, 15 people, but no one seemed to have even 1.50:( ! I tried to buy the ticket on which is Luxembourg railways website, but the bloody site is not functional and you can’t buy any tickets on it! Come on Luxembourg! Which century are you stuck in? It was already 10 o’clock and the next train was at 11.15, Suddenly I saw an SNCF (France railways) automatic machine, where you can buy, exchange and recieve tickets! I called my brother in france and gave him the info so he can buy the ticket via the internet with my credit card, and send me the details so i can take the ticket out of the machine here. He immediately bought the ticket on ( France railways website, which ROCKS ) and he sent me the details. I got the ticket from the machine immediately. Right now, i’m in the train, destination Belgium. Vive la SNCF.

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  1. Chiclana

    I mean… shit happens 😀 Anyway, thanks god your brother was there!


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