Windows – Delayed Write Failed – Solved!

By | 28/12/2007

The Solution:

The problem itself seems to be from a memory cache on the USB adapter which drives my disk. It seems that when accessing big files, the cache gets corrupted and the drive becomes inaccessible. To rectify that, a filter driver should be installed, which will limit the packets’ size sent to the USB adapter bus.

There’s a filter named “MAX128K Filter”, just go ahead and install that. The author’s website explains it very clearly and it’s easy to understand what it does. But one thing to be careful is that he explains how to apply the filter to your Firewire device, but me, I applied it to my USB external drive.

Note: For USB external hard drives, you should look in

"My Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\USBSTOR"

instead of SBP2, to find your actual external drive.

Go ahead and read what says the author, read the instructions and then download and proceed.

here’s the link : Home of Max128k Filter Driver  (LINK DEAD, Subscribe to the mailing list and ask for the download to receive the file by email.)

Once everything is done properly, just restart your system and see if you get that error again. Well, you can try copying some files to the drive, and keep using the drive for some time to see if everything is working fine or not.

If you have any questions in this matter, let me know, just leave comments!

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Write Delayed Failed error is solved!

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90 thoughts on “Windows – Delayed Write Failed – Solved!

  1. Chee Wee

    You guys know that Seagate has a hardware failure on their 500GB and 1TB (and possibly 1.5TB) drives that?

    Same issue happened to me with the Delayed write failed issue occasionally since Sep 2009, and only this month did I discover that it is a Seagate issue!

    Check out:

    1. Sam Orchard

      Your problem is “Seagate”. I’ve had nothing but problems with their harddrives.

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  3. Arjuna

    well….adding a usb pci card worked for me!!!

  4. Nashii

    Went to see my loco PC shop and the guy advise me to buy a new power supply. It’s all ok now. Thanks

  5. varun

    i have a seagate 500gb ext hardisk on plugging it gives windows delayed write failed..
    some times it works and sometimes it don’t… and it gives this error only on my pc so plz help me out.

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  7. Arun

    Hai guys, I also experienced the same problem with my usb flash drive “Delayed Write Failed” and when i troubleshooted it everything seems alright.

    Please check whether other USB devices drawing too much power from the hub?
    The device you are trying to use might require all the available power or bandwith that your USB bus can provide. If other devices are connected to the USB bus and are drawing power from it, the first device might not work.

    If any other devices are drawing power from the hub, try disconnecting them, and then see if your device works.

    If this solves the problem, you might want to obtain a USB hub with its own power supply, so that you have adequate power for all devices.

    Hope this will solve your problem…

  8. Jim Ax

    My problem was as follows: all music was stored on an external usb drive soon as our newest ipod shuffle was connected it would bring about this error on the drive (not the shuffle)…after speaking with apple it comes down to one thing..they did not essentially design within USB specs and the newest generation of shuffle sucks up ALL of the power the 2.0 port can muster, not leaving enough for the external drive…thereby causing the error.

    The solutions? moving all the files back to the main hard drive defeats the purpose of the external drive…
    a firewire card moves the power requirements to separate
    or another pci usb 2.0 hub could be added ..either of these
    may require an upgrade to the power supply
    one possible solution which I am currently investigating is a USB 2.0 hub which many people tell you to remove in trying to solve this problem, however, it is my hypothesis that a powered USB hub (yes another plug which is just for the hub itself) may resolve this issue…provided adequate power for both the shuffle and the drive. I hope this helps alleviate at least some of the frustration anyone in a similar bind has. My conclusion? If the new Shuffle were not designed to take all the power…there would not be a problem (my older shuffle as well as nano works just fine, not to mention the new kindle I gave my wife …)

  9. Dépannage informatique

    Ho thanks! Nice issu found here after years of probs

  10. Dave

    Well the max 128k solution WORKED FOR ME!!! So far no more annoying windows delayed write failed errors! I was getting the error on an external FireWire (SBP2) drive. Thanks very much for sharing the solution with us!!!!

  11. lavrav

    my simpletech 500gb external USB HDD has been crapping out with the dreaded “delayed write failed” and since it’s now been discontinued there was no more support or drivers update either.
    Been reading up on the myriads of solution offered online including here but none works! I’ve got WinXP SP3 fully loaded.
    What actually solved it was :

    Go to My Computer, right click on the SimpleDrive, click Properties, click on Hardware tab,
    highlight STECH Simple Drive USB Device, click Properties, click on Policies, check Optimize on Performance. Press OK.

    You’re done.

  12. Usman

    Ultimately I had to replace my hard drive which was creating these problems but fortunately I had backed up the whole drive before it stopped working..

  13. Gord Lindsay

    I added an unpowered USB 500GB drive to my Presario, and got continual Write Delay Failed messages. I found the Max128K filter, and it seems to have worked. I did have a problem with the home page of the author, though. After he explained how to install the filter, he wrote:

    “All Done! If the enclosure was plugged in while you were making all the changes, just disconnect it and reconnect it again to load the filter driver.”

    When I did this, I lost the drive completely, all my email folders included. I had to use System Restore to get it all back. But the filter itself seems to have worked. I tried to contact the author about his questionable instruction to unplug the device — rather than reboot, for instance, — but the email address given doesn’t work. Still, I haven’t got any Write Delay Failed messages since — and it’s been at least thirty minutes.

    1. Laura

      After my computer didn’t recognize my Wd Smarware i almost died, after a lot of hour invested, tears and well basically pain and suffering my pc recognize my driver but give me that annoying message, thank you now it’s fixed and you are my new god…thanks

  14. allen

    I have 3 WD 1TB MyBook, when I was transferring large size data from my desktop running winXP sp2 to one of them it hanged up on me and after restarting it gave the write delay error msg. I already know the cause is the cable I used. And now whenever I connect it to my desktop it appears as a blank drive w/o volume. I was still able to transfer the files from it by connecting it to my notebook running in linux and trasfer it to the other 2 MyBook. The other 2 works fine on my desktop so my question is what can I do to work again on my desktop, I’t does not allow me to format it on my desktop is there a registry entry I need to change or delete?


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