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How to create a bootable Windows Vista DVD with WIM files?Comment graver un DVD amorçable (Bootable) de Vista avec les fichiers WIM?Comment graver un DVD amorçable (Bootable) de Vista avec les fichiers WIM?Comment graver un DVD amorçable (Bootable) de Vista avec les fichiers WIM?

If you’ve bought Windows Vista online and you received Windows Vista installation files throught Windows Market palce, you’d have some filess of “.wim” and “.exe” extension. Instead of paying extra expedition and delivery charges, you can create your own Windows Vista installation DVD, which would be a Bootable installation DVD as well!

Windows Vista

How to create a Bootable Windows Vista DVD :

  1. Put the 3 downloaded files in the same directory (install.wim, boot.wim and an application X13 – 49120.exe)
  2. For simplicity’s sake, lets suppose you put these files in a new directory named vista_flat under your C: drive. So the directory’s path is “C:\vista_flat\”

  3. Launch the application “X13 – 49120.exe“. The installation wizard will create a new folder called “Vista” next to itself (here the path would be “c:\vista_flat\vista\”) and it will fill it with all the neccessary installation files. This would need about 2.5 GB of space on your hard drive.
  4. Once the extraction finished, the Windows Installation window will appear, please close this window and confirm the cancellation of setup.
  5. Download CDimage from Gibni Downloads. I recommend saving CDimage to your “c:\vista_flat\” directory

  6. Open a command prompt command prompt (browse to the directory where CDimage is located, and execute the following code:
    cdimage.exe -lVISTA_EN_DVD -m -u2 -bC:\vista_flat\Vista\boot\ C:\vista_flat\Vista\ C:\vista_flat\Vistax86.iso
  7. The ISO image file of Windows Vista will be saved in your choosen directoy (here in c:\vista_flat)
  8. Burn Windows Vista ISO file to a blank DVD using a DVD burning software of your choice. You may use Nero or Alcohol 120%. I recommend to use the minimal speed for burning.

You Windows Vista installation DVD is ready!

Download Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate

To download Windows Vista, you need 3 files, which are provided by Microsoft. Please note for using Windows Vista or any other protected software, you need legal and valid licence(s).

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