Nokia N95 8GB , My New Mobile Phone.


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I bought the Nokia N95 8GB two days ago, and i’m can’t get my hands off it! Every thing is so fine in this handset!

Mine is a branded one, with SFR France. I got a Nokia BH-201 Bluetooth Headset too.

The Handset comes with wired headset, a wall charger, TV cable, USB cable, a manual and Spider Man 3 movie preloaded on the 8GB memory! The camera got a perfect quality and takes very clear photos.

The phone connects by different methods to the computer, either Data transfer where the 8GB memory is recognized as a memory drive (flash disk) or PC Suite method which is used to install softwares and updates and use the Nokia PC Suite functions, or the Media Player Method and the Print method.

I got some issues and resolved them which I will explain here.

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Live Messenger Cannot Sign-in … 80072745 Error in Live Messenger – Solved!

Windows Live Messenger Screen Shot

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The 80072745 Error

I’ve been getting the 80072745 error in Windows Live Messenger the last 4 days. I contacted Microsoft but there was no answer from their side. I searched a lot but no solution on the net seemed to work with the error I was getting.

I’ve installed Live messenger 8.0, Live Messenger 8.5 and also the beta version (9.0) but every time, the same error pop up. I tried to remove the messenger and reinstall it but no luck! I removed even the registry keys messenger uses and installed it again, but nothing changed. The troubleshooting wizard reported that everything was fine and the connection was OK!

I installed Windows Messenger 5.1 for XP and tried to login, and that WORKED!! so I found out that there’s no problem with my account, my IP or microsoft services’ servers!

After some tests, I found out that the problem is that I can’t send data to the messenger servers. I had OUTPOST FIREWALL PRO 2008 installed on my computer. I configured the firewall to trust Live Messenger and allow TCP and UDP communications for the messenger, but the problem was still there. I uninstalled Outpost Firewall and restarted the computer, but still no luck!
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Bonne Année 2008 – Happy New Year 2008

Happy New YearHappy New Year

Je vous souhaite une bonne année avec plein de bonheur, santé et reussite pour vous et tous ce qui vous sont chère.

I wish you a very happy new year, with all the best wishes for you and all who are dear to you.