TOP N95 Applications, Symbian S60 Applications – Part 1

Symbian OS

The Nokia N95 8GB, is a Symbian S60 3rd Generation, Featured Pack 1 (v.9.1) phone. It’s a BB5 type.Here’s a list of applications you can install on nokia N95 which I have tested and they are said to be stable and working.

1- Landscape Pro : It’s an application which uses the inbuilt accelerometer to detect when you rotate the phone and it rotates the screen respectively. It operates on 0, 90 and 270 degrees rotation. The version 2.0 is the latest till date and is a stable version. Read the post about Landscape Pro 2.0 for more info.

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Landscape Pro version 2.0

LandscapePro 2.0The N95 made a huge success. If you got an N95, you probably know about the accelerometer inside. And probably heard about applications which rotate the screen when you turn the phone horizontally or vertically.

Landscape Pro, is one of such applications which works great, but’s not perfectly matched yet with Nokia N95 or the N95 8GB.

The previous version I installed on my phone, which was version 1.2, had some issues that I told the programmer about.

here’s the email conversation I had with him:

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Happy Valentine's Day – Joyeux St. Valentin

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’ve got you some Wallpapers for Valentine’s, from different websites on the web…

And also few Valentine Themes for S60 phones.

Bound - VladStudio            Valentine Night - VladStudio         All You Need is Love - VladStudio

Hearts 2 - ValdStudio            Hearts 4 - VladStudio         Hearts 5 - VladStudio

Hearts - VladStudio            Je T’aime - VladStudio         Je T’aime (Girl) - VladStudio

The Two and The Valentine - VladStudio            I Love You - VladStudio        I Love You (Girl) - VladStudio

And for Symbian S60 Valentine themes , go to this link, there’s a very good collection of themes:

Have a Great Day.

Crèpe party , ENBIO Nancy 1


Ce soir en sortant du cours, y avais une odeure qui me semblais tres familier. Au bout du couloire, un etudiant: “bonjour! Des crepes gratuits! Entrez!”
Regardez la video, c’est tres sympa!


Si vous avez assister au Crepe party, laissez un commentaire s.v.p.

Windows XP Service Pack 3 Release Candidate 2 Build 3300 (Win XP SP3 RC2)


This Blog is written in two languages. / Ce blog est en deux langues.



On 6th of February, Microsoft released a new Release Candidate of its Service Pack 3 for Windows XP to its private beta testers.

The exact version is Windows XP Service Pack 3, Release Candidate 2 Build 3300

This new service pack provides

-10% increase in performance

-Network Access Protection (taken from Vista)

-Black Hole Router Detection

and a lot of updates and hotfixes which came after the SP2 till date.
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