Optimizing Global Translator Plugin for WordPress

UPDATE: Version 0.2 released

In the new theme designed for Gibni.com, one of the main goals is to attain maximum speed and shorter page loading times. This post is for people who have the basics of website optimizations. In this post, I’ll discuss a very popular WordPress Plugin, Global Translator, made by www.Nothing2Hide.net, which is used to provide translated version of your blog to visitors. This plugin improved a lot over time, and it gives better and better results after each upgrade. Latest version till date is, which is a stable version.

In the process of optimizing my website, I found out that this plugin consumes a large amount of loading time and keeps pages in a loading state for a long period of time, and it makes many connections busy between the client and the server to download all the flag pictures to the client’s computer. This slows down the page as there’s a limited number of simultaneous connections allowed between the client and the server. On the other side, this increases the ‘account hits’ on shared hosting plans.

To make the plugin and the page load and respond faster, I’ve thought of a solution, which is: instead of the plugin sending multiple small image files, it should send a merged image file containing all the required flag images and generate an image map to build the links.

First of all, I’ll stick to a specific model, which is a single line bar. The functions are easy to understand an you can build any shape you want.

Now I’ve to edit Global Translator’s core to give flag images to the merging script. and then create an image map for the translator bar.

After a lot of tests, I finally figured it out! You can find the code for ‘translator.php’ in the Page.

My modified PHP, will generate a fresh PNG file upon user request and store it in the root directory and then creates an image map to create the links for the translator. The good news is everything remains dynamic and if you change the combination of translations available, the PNG and Image Map will change automatically too!

There are still improvements to be done, for example, forcing the code to create the PNG file in the plugins directory and not the site root! So, if you have any ideas, just let me know!

TOP N95 Applications, Symbian S60 Applications – Part 3

Symbian OSThere are a lot of softwares out there for Symbian platform and they get more and more everyday. I’ve started to test some of the best ones on my own Nokia N95 8GB phone and the ones that qualify, are listed in these series of posts. There’s been 2 parts previously and I should tell you that some of those softwares and applications have become obsolete and either their functionalities are included in new Firmware release or There’s been no update of the said applications till date. Before we start with the third part, let me recall the previous lists:

1- Landscape Pro – Functionality included in new Firmware

2- RotateMe v2.0 – Functionality included in new Firmware

3- Handy Taskman 2.0 – Still Good!

4- Office Suite 4.5 – Still Good

5- Agile Messenger – Obsolete (Recieved minor bugs and application crashes reports)

6- Salling Clicker – Still Good

7- ALON MP3 Dictaphone – Updated version available

8- Nokia Maps 2 (Beta version)Final Release included in Firmware or available to download from your phone.

9- Y-Browser (from Yucca Tools) – Still Good

10- NiiMee – Updated Version Available

And here goes the third list:

11- Python : This is a programming language, but even if you don’t know what that means, to run some applications you would need this, so you may want to install it anyway.

12- MobiTubia : With MobiTubia you can get YouTube.com on your mobile phone. Great menu, easy to navigate, you can save clips you like and you can even open FLV files directly if you know the URL. MobiTubia allows you to search on YouTube and also shows you updated lists of featured videos. It is free to download and install, here’s the link: http://www.mobitubia.com/

13- TomTom : There’s been a long time waiting until people discovered how to run TOMTOM on Symbian S6ç, specially with N95 internal GPS! Well the way is that you install an application which creates a virtual bluetooth gps and sends your GPS data on it, and then, you have to set TOMTOM to recieve data from the virtual GPS!

More info on this will be available in the next post on this topic. For now, you can find almost everything you need by Googling around.

14- Yahoo GO : It’s one of the most used of my applications. It allows you to check your Yahoo emails very easily and quickly, and allows to send, reply and forward emails too! You get access to a lot of other Yahoo Services from your phone and you can add user made widgets like Facebook Widget and so on…

Go here to get more informaion http://mobile.yahoo.com/go

15- Google Maps : You can get many of the Google Maps functionallity on your phone with this wonderful application. It helps you localize yourself on the map and know your location even if you don’t have a GPS!!

Here it is: www.google.com/gmm/


Installing the latest applications stated above, and runnig them, will require a large amount of data transfer over the internet from your phone, be careful to know about the connection fees that may apply to you.

In the next post on this topic, I’ll try to provide you downloads of many of the stated applications.

3D Tag Cloud For WordPress

I’ve recently installed a new Tag Cloud on Gibni.com, If you look well, you should already have noticed it.

It’s a 3D Sphere tag cloud! it’s based on a flash file but the real knowledge behind makes it completely search engine friendly.  This is basically a plugin called WP-CUMULUS made by Roy Tanck. The Plugin is hosted now on WordPress.org -> Plugin’s page.

I found this very exciting and as it does not interfere with search engine friendliness factors, I decided to add it to my new theme. I would recommend it as a good plugin as you can really customize it.

The theme that Roy has got on his blog is really well designed and is easy to navigate too! Good job Roy, Keep up the good work!


It’s good to know that CUMULUS is being ported to Typepad and Blogger too! So it’s good news for everyone!

Install this on your blog and to support the good work, spread the word!

Randonnée Etudiante Villers-lès-Nancy

Le Samedi 18 Octobre, j’ai organiser une randonnée pedestre avec la participation du conseil de quartier et le Pôle Actions Jeunesse de Villers-lès-Nancy.
Cette randonnée avait pour but de faire connaitre Villers-les-Nancy aux étudiants nouveaux dans le quartier. On est partie a 15h00 de la résidence univérsitaire du Placieux, on a traverser le chateau de Rémi Court, le parc de Mme De Grafigny et on est allé sur le plateau, d’ou on avaient une vue magnifique sur la ville de Nancy! On est passé par le parc de Brabois et puis on a fait une pause au Pôle Actions Jeunesse, où le conseil de quartier Placieux-Mairie nous avaient preparé un buffet pour qu’on se rafrachissent et les etudiants ont faient connaissance avec les responsables du PAJ et ont été presenté avec les activites du PAJ.
On a vue beaucoup des paysages magnifiques et heureusement qu’il fesait beau ce jour la!
Voici quelques Photos de cette randonnée pedestre!
Dans les photos vous voyez l’affiche contenant le nom de Gibni affichée a l’entrée de la résidence, et aussi le chateau de Remi court, Bernard et Gerard qui nous on accompagnée et nous on guider.

Je voudrai remercier toutes les personnes qui on aider a organiser cette randonnée ( Gerard, Bernard, mon frère, Mme Lebard (La directrice du Placieux), les responsable du PAJ), et aussi les participants!
Regarder L’EST Republicain pour l’article sur cette randonée avec une photo du groupe!

Parcontre, j’ai fait le design de l’affiche, avec Photoshop.

International financial crisis, bloggers and website owners. Part 1

As you might have already heard there are some serious stuff going on and everyone in the world started to panic about their financial situation.

Well, now the question is that what is really going on and why should you continue to read on? Let me tell you that many HUGE banks around the world are going bankrupt, and governments are trying to help them out. This might sound OK to you, but it shouldn’t because that means everything gonna change very shortly, like a lot of small companies and also big ones might disappear in the months to come, many poor countries will become extremely poor and in trouble, and that might start civil wars, and also governments will start to tax you like they’ve never had!

I’m always an optimist person but this time, after all i saw and all that specialists say, there will be a lot of problems. Some say that China’s plan in this financial crisis is that it will wait until everything gets collapsed and then it will inject huge amounts of money in the market and ask for many things, that is China will become the owner of the world. That doesn’t look scary at all to you; I suppose; but it should!
Well, now let’s talk about what does it have to do with bloggers and internet people? The question is “Will the international financial crisis affect your website or blog income?”

Basically the income of many blogs and websites depend on the advertisers and sponsors, and some of it on the products they sell, if any.

Now if small companies and markets start to go astray, who will pay the website owner and blogger?

To Be Continued…

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Dropcap First Letter, Universal Version

As you can see on Gibni.com, articles’ title have got a drop capped first letter.

I’m making this technique available to the public so that you can “Drop cap” any text you wish.

You can drop cap in WordPress or on any other platform where you can run PHP functions.

I’ll explain on how to Drop cap in WordPress without installing any plugin.

I’ll keep it simple; just open the “functions.php” file in your theme directory, and add this function to it:


function dropcap_first($content) {
$pos = strpos($content, ‘<a>’);
/* stripos is only available in new PHP versions we’ll  */
/* live with using the case sensitive version so it won’t match <A> */
/*     $pos = stripos($content, ‘<a>’); */
if (($pos !== 0) || ($pos === false)) {
echo ‘<p class=”dropcap-first”><a href=”‘.get_permalink().'” rel=”bookmark” title=”Permanent Link to ‘.the_title_attribute(‘echo=0’).'”‘. $content .'</a></p>’;
} else {
echo ‘<p class=”dropcap-first”><a href=”‘.get_permalink().'” rel=”bookmark” title=”Permanent Link to ‘.the_title_attribute(‘echo=0’).'”‘ . stristr($content, ‘>’).'</p>’;


Now that you have added the function, you should supply the text you want to drop cap to this function

Here’s a briefing about internal items of the function:


int strpos ( string $haystack , mixed $needle [, int $offset ] )

Returns the numeric position of the first occurrence of needle in the haystack string. Unlike the strrpos()

before PHP 5, this function can take a full string as the needle parameter and the entire string will be used.


int stripos ( string $haystack , string $needle [, int $offset ] )

Returns the numeric position of the first occurrence of needle in the haystack string.

Unlike strpos(), stripos() is case-insensitive.


string stristr ( string $haystack , mixed $needle [, bool $before_needle ] )

Returns all of haystack from the first occurrence of needle to the end.


Now proceed to formatting the drop cap letter by CSS. Here I’ve defined a new class, named “dropcap-first” and here’s the CSS I’ve written for it:


.dropcap-first:first-letter {
float: left;
font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
.dropcap-first {
font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
margin:20px 0 0px 0;


After having added the CSS to your main style sheet, you should provide the text you want to Drop cap to the function, for example, here’s what I did for the articles’ titles:


<div class=”post_title_wrap”><?php $get_title_todropcap=the_title(‘<a>’,'</a>’,FALSE);
dropcap_first($get_title_todropcap); ?>
<small><?php the_time(‘j,M, y’) ?>
<span class=”comments”> | <?php comments_popup_link(‘Be the first to comment’, ‘1 Comment’, ‘% Comments’ , ‘Comments Disabled’); ?></span>
<span> | written by: <?php the_author() ?></span>


Once you apply the above procedure, you can get the first letter of the supplied text, dropcapped.

If you have trouble understanding the function, do leave a comment and I’ll explain you what is going on in the function.

NO SUSHI – Nouveau Restaurant à Nancy

Hier soir je suis allé avec mes amis à un nouveau restaurant, ici à Nancy!

Dans la rue Gourmande, il y a beaucoup de restaurant, avec des spécialités divers, nous, on a choisi de manger Japonais, des SUSHIS!

NO SUSHI, c’est le nouveau restaurant qu’on a choisi. Une ambiance moderne, pas de décorations Japonais, un thème noir et orange, une salle très propre, bien décoré, et un accueil souriant. Dans la carte, plein de nouveaux mots! Sushi, makis, Tamagushi, California ( ! ), Kamikaze, etc.

Les prix sont aussi raisonnables; pour un menu complet vous avez pour 18€ à 23€.

On a commandé 3 menus et un plat, TAMAGUSHI. Pour vous dire que tout ça étaient pas si nouveau pour moi, car j’avais déjà gouté les Sushis a Hambourg, dans “The SUSHI Factory” qui étais un super endroit.

Revenons à Nancy! NO SUSHI a vraiment assuré! Je m’y attendais pas a un repas si délicieux! Tout était parfait et super bien présenté. Le seul petit souci étai qu’on a attendu un peu le temps d’être servi, mais c’est complètement compréhensive car les Sushis sont fait à la commande et sont tout frais!

La sauce Moutarde Japonais, est extrêmement forte! Alerte aux accros de moutarde!

La porte du conteur électrique ma bien occupé! En voyant le poignet sur le “mur”, j’ai demandé au server de me dire que ce que c’est! Il a dit Conteur électrique, mais j’ai entendu “compteur électrique”! Et je me suis dit alors c’est un moyen de compter les entrées et sorties! et j’ai essayer de faire passer ma main plusieurs fois “pour embrouiller le system” 😀 ! A la fin, j’ai demandé “comment ca marche?” il ma dit “ben comme tout les compteurs! C’est une armoire avec des installations électrique à l’intérieur!” et là j’avais enfin compris pourquoi le chef n’étais pas sortie pour voir qui “embrouille le système!!!”

Pour passer une agréable soirée et changer de style pour gouter une cuisine différente, je vous conseil fortement d’aller a “NO SUSHI”!

Et si vous allez à ce restaurant, n’oubliez pas de laisser des commentaires ici, et de dire que vous avez vue cet article sur Gibni.com au serveur qu’il puisse aller aussi voir les commentaires!

Canon EOS 350D Digital

Ever wondered how beautiful a spider net could be? Well; There are some times that you should have a TOP CAMERA to picture the moments… A photo camera which lets you take even the tiniest details is the EOS 350D by Canon!

I had a test drive with this wonderful photo camera, and let me assure you that it’s the best!
This is basically a reflex camera which takes digital pictures. Having such a camera will change the way you look at photography, you will really enjoy your photos the way it’s meant to be!
The next best thing i’m going to buy is a canon reflex camera, and mostly an EOS series.
Here’s the wonderful photo I talked about, taken by a friend with his EOS 350D. (Just click to see the full size with all the details, (File size is 2.7MB) )

Here’re some Canon EOS 350D specifications:


Go and check the prices here and you will find “the next best thing” that you’re going to offer yourself!

Gibni.com Maintenance Schedule

To optimize Gibni, and to provide more related content in a fast way, I decided to put Gibni in a “Maintenance” state. This is scheduled for Tuesday 14 Octobre 2008 at 23:45 (Paris Local Time) and will end latest before Monday 20 Octobre 2008 at 21:00.

Post Ratings and some other functionalities might be unavailable during the maintenance.

But access to the blog and articles will be garanteed.

I here by apologize to all visitors and users for any inconvenience that might be caused, and also to the sponsors and advertisers that help this site running.

I wish everything will be in order as I want it very quickly.


New Theme Released. Prince Blog Theme v3.0 Advanced (Beta)

Tonight the third version of Prince Blog Theme developped by Amir H. Moradi is going live on Gibni.com

This is still in beta and is running tests. The theme is not finished yet and requires minor works to be done.

Surveys are getting conducted to know about the issues and advantages. You might be randomly

Tonight the third version of Prince Blog Theme developped by Amir H. Moradi is going live on Gibni.com

This is still in beta and is running tests. The theme is not finished yet and requires minor works to be done.

Surveys are getting conducted to know about the issues and advantages. You might be randomly

Tonight the third version of Prince Blog Theme developped by Amir H. Moradi is going live on Gibni.com

This is still in beta and is running tests. The theme is not finished yet and requires minor works to be done.

Surveys are getting conducted to know about the issues and advantages. You might be randomly Continue reading “New Theme Released. Prince Blog Theme v3.0 Advanced (Beta)”